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  • What is Hideaway Swim Club?

Hideaway Swim Club is a private member-owned club.  The family oriented club is one of the finest summer recreational facilities in the area.  Its well-groomed 16 acres are located in Horsham Township, just off County Line Rd. opposite the Rosemore Shopping Center.  Members enjoy unlimited use of the pools, tennis, golf course, volleyball, picnicking, and social events throughout the summer.  Children ages 6 to 18 are encouraged to participate on Hideaway’s competitive swim team.  The club is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day each season.

  • How do I join?

You must first apply for membership and be approved by the Membership committee.  Upon acceptance as member, you pay one-time and annual fees.

  • What are the costs to join and remain an active member?

When you join you buy a bond that gives you part ownership in the club.  You also pay annual dues based on the number of participants in your family.
The current rates are detailed on our website here: http://www.hideawayswimclub.com/membership/
The fees can be a little difficult to calculate - use the cost calculator here: http://www.hideawayswimclub.com/membership/cost-calculator This will give you your estimated costs for the first 3 years.

  • What are the Bond Purchase options?

All members must purchase a certificate bond that makes you part owner of the club. The club charter allows for 350 certificate bond memberships. Your bond can be sold directly to a new member. In addition to purchasing a bond directly from an existing member, we provide two options for purchasing the bond through the club. The first option is to pay in full. This makes you a fully bonded member immediately with all club privileges. The second option is to pay the bond over two years. Until the bond is fully paid, you are considered an Associate member and do not have fully bonded membership privileges (see Club Documents). All Associate Member fees and deposits are also nonrefundable. Upon balance bond payment in the second year, you become fully bonded.

  • How do apply for new membership?

You can apply for new membership using our online form here:

  • Who can apply for membership?

Married couples or single adults may apply for membership.  Upon acceptance these adults will be bondholder members.

  • Can I apply as a Single Adult if I am married?


  • Who can I add to my membership?

Children that live at your residence may be added to your membership.  Adult children age 22 or older as of January 1 are considered Adult Residents.  Other family adults that live are your residence are considered Adult Residents.
You may also add houseguests to your membership.  Houseguests must be living at your residence.  Houseguests are entitled to visit the club at any time without the presence of family members.
You may also add a sitter to you membership.  Sitters are unnamed.  A sitter may accompany other family members to the club, but may not access the club by themselves.